Hello – Please note Troopcampers presently have no vehicles available to rent. We are currently developing new ideas and hope to be back in action in the near future with some exciting news. Feel free to browse our site and drop us an email to find out how things are developing.

TroopCampers seemed like a great idea a few years ago over a bottle or 2 of Kiwi Pinot Noir whilst living in NZ, and most people we spoke to on our return to the UK agreed with us. However after offering our vehicles for rental for the past two years, we have come to the conclusion that it is not working in the way we envisaged. While we have had a good number of rentals, they have been mostly to foreign travellers who want to travel around Scotland for a week or four, rather than long term expedition type hires outside of Europe. Not a bad thing to do, touring Scotland, but this was not really our plan and it seems to have restricted our own travel plans due to the amount of time spent on vehicle preparation, delivery, handover etc!

So after a good deal of soul searching, TroopCampers is soon to be no more - we have sold most of the rental vehicles (you may even see them on your travels); at this time we still have one Toyota TroopCarrier based KEA Conqueror which we imported from New Zealand which will be used by us for some journeys in the next few months.
So what now? We intend to get travelling before age consumes us and will head for the hills and dunes. We are pretty excited about travelling without time constraints and only being limited by the amount of time it takes to spend our daughters inheritance.

Before calling it a day we wanted to say a big "thanks" to those of you who helped us to make it happen especially our customers.

Hopefully we will bump into you out there somewhere - and let us know if you are heading our way there is always a welcome at Craigenveoch.

Happy travelling

Nick and Linda


Rental of Peugeot Elddis Motorhomes or Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier & Nissan Patrol Expedition 4x4 Campers for Overland Adventure Travel

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Short and Long term Hire for periods from a few days to several months at a time. Best prices on our camper van and motor home hire. If you wish to hire or rent for a weekend, week or month contact us for discount motor home and camper prices.

Whether your needs are for a hire or rental motorhome or camper travelling around Scotland, UK, Europe, Africa or Worldwide we have a professionally prepared vehicle to suit your needs.

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We aim to enable our customers to benefit from the best of equipment without having to invest in and prepare an asset which may only be used occasionally.

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